Zeiss Diascope 85T

As you’d expect from Zeiss, this is a stonking piece of kit. Everything about the Diascope is beautifully made and considered, from the focussing system to the world-class optics.
I use my 85T* all over the world and it has proven to be as robust as it is precise. Fitted with a 40X eye-piece, the magnification is more than enough to bring into singing detail even the most distant of critters.  In Kenya, I regularly use it to scour the landscape searching for a snoozing cheetah or a carefully concealed leopard, and it always accompanies me when I go birding.

Of course, you need good bins to check the general view, but until you have looked through a scope of this quality at even the most commonplace of birds, then you really haven’t seen them. There is something magical about having a creature appear to be so close that you could reach out and touch it!

The focussing wheel is divided in two; one is for rapid focus through the whole range, the other for detailed tweaking once you have your subject in your sights. There is a built-in hood that pulls out from the front of the scope for work against the light.

There are two designs; one with the eyepiece at about 45%, or the other, which is straight (the latter is my preference because I find that it makes locating your subject easier). You can add adaptors for photography and digiscoping too, which make this a thoroughly versatile scope which will give you a lifetime’s first class viewing pleasure.

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