Zeiss 8x32T Victory FL Binoculars

Very few pieces of equipment are quite as important to me as my binoculars.  Without extremely high quality optics, I am simply unable to do my job as a wildlife film-maker.

I have experimented with all the leading brands of binoculars and have settled on Zeiss.  There are many reasons for this.  For a start, Zeiss have among the most exacting standards when it comes to manufacture of their products.  Over the years they have striven to be the leaders in optical innovation and excellence, and this is reflected by the outstanding performance of their gear.

The truth is, of course, that at the moment, no single piece of equipment can do everything which might be required by the Bird Watcher, Field Naturalist, or somebody who just wants to have the opportunity to see the world more clearly.

But Zeiss have come up with something that comes close.  The 8 x 32 Victory FL. A great deal is written about this binoculars’ outstanding performance.  How it out-performs similar binoculars optically, both with light transmission (how bright the image appears), definition and colour fringing (the edges of subjects bleeding into the primary colours due to the refractive index of the glass).

Zeiss are undoubtedly leaders in the field of technical excellence, but, it has to be said, telling the difference between the top 3 or 4 makes on the market is pretty tricky simply by looking through them. They all appear clear and sharp in good lighting conditions.  What Zeiss have managed in the 8 x 32 is to produce the highest quality in a binocular that is so physically light, it almost feels like a pair of compacts, whilst retaining excellent brightness in a binocular with a relatively small object lens.

This is undoubtedly for me, the most user-friendly, optically-excellent tool on the market.  It is also built to last with a robust rubber-armouring, nitrogen-filled bodies (to ensure no internal fogging), entirely waterproof,  snap-on rain guards for the exit pupil and object lens covers which can remain on the body of the binocular.  A new comfort strap is included as well as a rugged, padded cordura case.  This is a tool that will help you see things clearly for life.

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