Woodcrete 1B Nest Box

Like all of the Woodcrete nest boxes supplied by Jacobi Jayne, this is designed with the birds that are going to use it as first priority.  The deep drop from the entrance hole to the floor makes sure that cats can’t get a paw in to pull out nestlings, and the tough construction ensures no unwanted visits from squirrels or woodpeckers.

This barrel design is super easy to hang, and the weight of the box is sufficient to give it a sturdy purchase against most surfaces.  Its hole diameter makes it ideal for a number of species such as great tit and pied flycatcher.  Nest inspection or a clear out of old material at the end of the season is very simple, with the front of the box lifting away.  It looks a little like a wartime pillbox, and is just about as tough as one!  Once you put these up around the place, they will provide top nesting opportunities for many, many years.

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