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Sirikoi Game Lodge – Kenya

Sirikoi is a spectacular lodge situated on private land surrounded by the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya.

Set in a shady acacia grove overlooking a natural waterhole, Sirikoi offers some of the best game viewing in East Africa.

Distant hills appear from the desert to the north and Mount Kenya provides a magnificent backdrop. Elevated between 4,500-7,500 feet, the landscape includes mountainous regions, open grasslands, indigenous forest, riverine valleys and an extremely diverse range of soil, plant and animal life.

Evening sundowners with incredible views of distant mountain ranges; delicious meals served under the stars next to a roaring fire and the sounds of animals in camp late at night are just a small part of this magical experience.

Guest Accommodation:

Sirikoi accommodates its guests in four extravagant tented rooms that are raised off the ground on wooden platforms.  Private verandas look out onto the waterhole and a sitting room area at the front of the tent is the perfect spot for guests to curl up and read a book in the afternoon, whilst watching the wildlife moving around the lawn.

In addition it has two beautifully designed houses – Sirikoi Cottage and Sirikoi House. Sirikoi Cottage is tucked away in a secluded area of the camp with two bedrooms, its own dining & sitting room, small kitchen and a large deck area overlooking a popular wildlife waterhole.  Ideal for two couples or a family with two children, guests can play backgammon on the terrace whilst warthogs dig for roots, and enjoy private dinners in the dining room. Sirikoi House is a magnificent, entirely private house with a main dining & sitting room; a large veranda and fireplace; a separate master bedroom suite and a cottage comprising of two large bedrooms.  The house has a separate kitchen, private entrance and its own vehicle.  The house is an exclusive retreat for families and groups of friends, who wish to be independent and escape to a little piece of Africa that is entirely theirs for the duration for their stay.

Every bedroom at Sirikoi has its own open log fireplace and en-suite bathroom with a free-standing Victorian bathtub and a separate shower. Sirikoi has a beautifully kept organic vegetable garden and the food is freshly prepared in the kitchen every day with fruit and vegetables from the garden, eggs from the flock of chickens and milk from their small herd of dairy cows.  Menus vary according to the availability of ingredients in the garden in order to create delicious and healthy cuisine.  Meals are mainly served outside under the trees, and in the evenings next to the fire under a starlit night. Inverters provide electricity 24-hours a day and Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout the camp.


Wildlife is abundant and includes elephant, reticulated giraffe, Grevy & Burchell’s zebra and a variety of antelope including gerenuk, greater kudu and oryx.  Over 10% of Kenya’s critically endangered black rhino population lives on the Conservancy.  Lewa also has the largest resident population of endangered Grevy’s zebra in the world, at about 370.  There are 70 mammal species including the Big Five: lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo.  There are roughly equal numbers of black and white rhino making the latest count around 112.  Birdlife numbers over 350 species, including the Somali ostrich, Kori bustard, and lilac breasted roller.

At night-time zebra, impala, waterbuck and buffalo often move into camp to graze on the lawn providing incredible night sounds.  Whilst during the day, the 18m horizon pool is never without views onto animals grazing in the near distance.


There are numerous activities available at Sirikoi to ensure your stay is truely memorable.

Fly camps – A new activity at Sirikoi gives guests the opportunity to book a few nights in their specially developed mobile camp which can be set up at remote locations throughout Kenya, from the dry bush country of Samburu to the forests of the Matthews Range to the shores of Lake Turkana. You can experience the beauty, solitude and fascinating tribal cultures of these rarely visited destinations. You can follow the migrations or the transitory elephants as they travel vast distances in large numbers. The team at Sirikoi will set up the camp, which you can join by road, plane or helicopter. For more information please look at their safari website www.robertssafaris.com

Fishing – There are some fantastic trout fishing opportunities on Lake Alice and Lake Michelson, both within the neighbouring Mount Kenya National Park. The Sirikoi team can also organise specialised fishing trips all over Kenya, from fishing marlin and sailfish off the Lamu coastline, to Nile perch and tilapia in Lake Turkana.

Helicopter trips – After just a 15-minute helicopter flight from Sirikoi you can be circling the peaks of Mount Kenya, the second highest point in Africa. Remote and unspoiled destinations all over Kenya can be explored from the isolated desert dunes in the north to the Nguruman Escarpment in the south.

Visit to a Maasai community –
Learn first-hand about local customs, culture and the daily lives of the Maasai with a visit to the Il Ngwesi community, located approximately 1 hours drive from Sirikoi.

Bush walks, picnics and dinners – Set out in the early morning from the camp for a walk into the wilderness with a skilled guide, experiencing the sights and sound of the bush: the tracks of lion, hyena and rhino; the high pitched alarm call of the guinea fowl; the rich smell of the African earth. End your adventure with a picnic breakfast in the shade of a spreading acacia tree.

Bi-plane excursions –
Enjoy the allure of the early aviation days, when Karen Blixen and Denys Finch-Hatton flew around Kenya, by flying over Lewa in a brand new Waco biplane. Based on the original model of the 1920’s and 30’s, the plane has room for two passengers to sit side by side for a nostalgic, once-in-a-lifetime flying experience.

Horseback riding –
Riding on horseback through the bush, accompanied by an experienced guide, will give you an unparalleled opportunity to get close to wildlife as many game species allow horses to approach very closely without feeling threatened. Combined with the stunning scenery and varied terrain, this is a riding experience not to be missed. The experienced Sirikoi team will match you to your horse, based on your level of confidence and can cater for both amateur and experienced riders.

Camel safaris –
This is a walking safari, with camels to carry the camp and supplies, led by Samburu tribesmen whose knowledge of the terrain has been passed through generations. A three to four hour walk in the morning with a stop for a bush breakfast is followed by a long rest during the heat of the day at your newly erected campsite. You will finish off the day with an evening bushwalk and a hot shower under the stars before falling asleep listening to the sounds of the African bush.

Lion tracking – A few of the lions on Lewa are monitored so that important research information such as social structure, territory and feeding ecology can be evaluated. Guests can go out with the experienced trackers to locate the lions and help collate information about their movements and behavior.

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