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Latest Bushnell Trophy Cam Clips From Somerset

I’ve just returned to Somerset after a few days away and downloaded the clips from a couple of my Bushnell camera traps.  Both had been out for three days, one by the river, the other at the end of one of the meadows which we have just planted with trees. Before I left, I put a small pile of peanuts in front of the meadow camera, hoping to attract a mammal or two, particularly a badger. On my return this ...
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Otter Update

A wander along the brook revealed fresh otter signs today. Found lovely footprints from an adult and at least one younger animal in the soft mud and discovered a new sprainting point. This is an area which we have recently cleared of dense vegetation and clearly the otters like the new view. I decided to position one of my Bushnell camera traps to keep an eye on the spot overnight and am testing a ground spike with a ball and ...
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More Views Of Otter Cubs

Another view of my local otter family recorded on the Bushnell HD Trophycam last night (6.3.2012). Mum had left the holt a while earlier (only briefly recorded on the trail cam) and a little later one of the two cubs pops out. The cub obviously gets a whiff of something strange (the camera) and runs back to the safety of the holt, before relaxing and coming back to investigate properly. They look pretty well settled around the same spot. I'm ...
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Two otter cubs in my garden!

The most recent results from my Bushnell HD trailcam.  More from the otter holt I found the other day and proof..... VERY EXCITING..... of 2 cubs!!!  If you look very carefully at the start of the clip, you will see two otters in the frame. This is the mother and one cub just leaving the picture.  Then, there is a brief pause and... from out of the holt comes cub number 2!!  It just keeps getting better.  I'm so chuffed, ...
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I find an Otter Holt in my garden!

Hello everyone! A couple of days ago I was putting the finishing touches to a few nest boxes I had erected around the garden when I heard kingfishers calling from the stream in the south. Of course, I had to have a wee snoop, and made my way down to the water to carefully peak over the bank for a glimpse of them. Once I reached the brook I was surprised to find that their calls were coming from a ...
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