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Olympus LS11 Digital Sound Recorder

I love sound.  No, I mean I REALLY love sound!  No photograph, film or video, no words can translate a moment as faithfully and accurately as sound can.  A good sound recording of a natural event, whether it be bird song or a thunder storm, can transport you to the ...
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Swiss Champ Knife

I’ve often been asked if there is one essential piece of kit I have with me on all my trips.  Answer: My Swiss Army Knife, or to be absolutely accurate, my Swiss Champ. Over the years, I’ve had at least five of these first class multi tools, not because they ...
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Loads of people have spoken to me about their difficulty in getting to grips with bird song.  There is probably no replacement for going out regularly into the field with someone who knows their stuff and letting them guide you, but BirdMIKE comes pretty close. I’ve had one for some ...
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