Simon King & Wildlife Whisperer Events

Interesting dates for your diary relating to Wildlife Whisperer, Simon King and wildlife events in general.

As a member you will be one of the first to hear about new talks and events from Simon and Wildlife Whisperer. You will receive priority booking on selected talks and events and the chance to win free or discounted tickets. We’ll add details below about FREE and discounted tickets as and when they are available.

February 2012
Slimbridge Festival Of Birds – Meet Simon King: spend time with Simon, looking for wildlife, as he reopnes the renovated Zeiss Hide (complete with its new otter holt)

April 2012
London Wild Bird Watch 2012- Join Simon King and the rest of the Wildlife Whisperer team at this exciting new show.

African Cats – A new Disney movie, opens today in the UK. Simon was one of the camera team for this movie.

June 2012
WILD DORSET with Simon King- Join Simon King and colleagues on a holiday of a lifetime in WILD DORSET.

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