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We have a growing number of enthralling cameras from around the world streaming live images 24/7.

From blue tits nesting in a typical suburban british garden to elephants drinking at a watering hole in Kenya, there’s always something interesting to watch! This section is where we blog about the most interesting activity.

Tragedy At The Blackbird Nest

Over the last several days many of us have been following the progress of a nesting pair of blackbirds on one of our live cams. We've watched as the female incubated through rain and shine being regularly visited by her mate offering tasty snacks. I always feel truly privileged watching the views offered by our live cams as they reveal the tender relationship between the male and female during the nesting season. We had wonderful views of the chicks hatching ...
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Mike’s Badger Cam – A Grim Discovery

A few nights ago I was lying in bed listening to the sound of our local badgers playing and wickering from the sett just yards away. It’s not unusual to hear the squabbles and varied vocalisations coming from the local badgers when the sett is just 30 meters away from the house. During the last couple of weeks the badgers visits have both increased in frequency and in numbers of badgers turning up for free food. Many regular visitors to ...
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A Close Encounter!

Thursday was a good day. Productive in the office and, after a short wander around the garden, I found a collared dove nest with two eggs! (Nest position marked with red arrow). Being the first active nest I've spotted in 2012 I wanted to position a camera overlooking it as soon as possible so I could share it with all of our Live Cam viewers. I've lost count of how many times I've positioned mini cams overlooking nests and other ...
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