Thermarest Prolite Mattress

If you spend any amount of time under canvas, hiking or just wanting an occasional bed, you will very quickly learn that there is only one reliable, comfortable and well insulated range of sleeping mats.  I’ve been using Thermarest mats for well over 20 years, and though they have developed technically over that time, their basic reliability and comfort is still top of the tree.  They incorporate a self-inflating technology of a honeycomb, foam insulating inner, protected by robust outer skins.  Currently I use the Prolite PLus mattress, and sometimes carry the Trekker Chair for moments when I want a seriously comfy sit down with a cuppa from my flask (the chair weighs next to nothing, but accommodates the mat to convert it into a great seat with a back support).

It was this exact set up I used when I was last In the Arctic.  The Thermarest mat in the Trekker chair provided an ideal “office” in one of the tents we used to keep in touch with the outside world.  It was often –30ªC outside, but my bum stayed cosy during the lengthy satellite email sessions!

There is a wide range of mats, from the very light (ideal for medium weather conditions and long hikes) to the very beefy, which really do banish the cold and provide comfort in harsh environments.

All of them sooooo much better than a roll of foam!

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