Signs of Otter

Yet another blinder of a day! Started misty and mellow and leapt into a warm, deliciously lemon-lit morning.

My office conscience lost the battle and I sped down to the brook to continue exploring the wilderness at the bottom of our new home.

I was greeted by the piping calls of kingfishers and caught a flash of cobalt blue streaking upstream as I approached the bank. A quick check of the Bushnell HD trailcam that I left overnight pointing at an area of exposed rocks in the stream revealed a lovely wood pigeon taking a bath, but nothing more. And so I headed off into the flow.

I waded down to the northern bridge and noted some possible dipper nesting sites before heading back upstream and into uncharted water (for me!)

A careful check of exposed rocks revealed an old but non-the-less distinctive sign of an otter. The spraint still bore the diagnostic sweet scent of otter and contained the unmistakable remains of crayfish among a litter of small fish bones.

Further on upstream more evidence. This time the chewed remains of a crayfish on the bank. Whilst I can’t be 100% certain the creature that killed and ate this freshwater crustacean was an otter, the chances are very high.
And so, I continue to wait, and hope that that Bushnell cam will get me some hard evidence of these elusive visitors to my home patch. If it does, you will soon hear about it!

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