Sea To Summit Packing Systems

Travelling a lot, means I have learnt to get pretty good at packing.  One thing I have discovered is an orderly bag saves masses of stress and grief both in preparation and once you arrive at your destination.

Of all the packing systems that I have encountered, Sea to Summit produce the most innovative, hardwearing and adaptable to my needs.

Their range of kit is vast, from tiny wee bags that are great for stuffing a few pairs of socks in,  to big splash-proof bags that can keep all your kit dry inside a backpack if you are hiking, and a great deal more besides.

I use a variety of the systems for different reasons.

Whilst the Large Ultra-Sil Dry Sac  has been designed to keep kit dry, it works just as well preventing dirty kit messing up your clean stuff.  I use one as a laundry bag.  It’s so light, it squeezes into any case with no effect on space or weight, but it’s big enough to stuff the dirty shirts, socks and so on for at least a week of travelling.

The little zip-top bags are great for keeping your socks and knickers in discreet zones, whilst the shirt wrap is fab, with a handy template around which you fold your shirts in a uniform way, thus ensuring they fit inside the protective sleeve. You arrive with neat kit where it matters, even if the rest of your packing is a bit random.

The rucksack rain covers are brilliant for, well, covering rucksacks, but they double as camera covers and are so light and pack so small, you can carry one in your day bag with no problem.

Oh, and their range of ultra light daypacks are brilliant too.  I always carry one for shopping or any other stuff I need to carry unexpectedly and need to sling on my back.  Particularly useful if you use a bike a lot, which I do!

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