Samsung CF Memory Card

In these times where digital cameras seem to restlessly jump up in pixel rate from week to week, you depend on having robust and very fast memory cards to store your images.  The technology that lurks within CF cards borders on alchemy, but in the end there are just three things you want to pay attention to, the three ‘R’s; reliability, write speed and robustness.  (OK, I know one of the ‘R’s is a ‘W’, but you know what I mean!).  Several companies plaster all sorts of slogans and buzz words on their CF cards but in the end, it doesn’t matter if it says Pro on it, it just has to perform well.
Samsung were not a company whose cards I had used much until relatively recently, but now that I have put them through their paces, I haven’t looked back.  The 233X series are built like a proverbial tank, with a thin skin of metal on both sides adding strength and durability to the build of the card. I usually carry two in the special CF card pocket on my Stealth Gear work trousers, and despite a huge amount of crawling, bending squatting and generally crushing them, they have never shown the slightest sign of a crack or a bend.  The write speed is more than enough to deal with the most demanding digital stills or video camera and, so far (touching wood) I have never suffered a single corrupt card, drop out or fault of any nature.

They are reputed to withstand getting soaked and extremes of temperature, but so far I’ve not had reason to doubt or support this. I try to keep them dry!  The SD cards in the same range (which I use in compact cameras and my digital audio recorders) display all the same qualities.  If you are looking for cards that will give you confidence, you can’t do better.

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