Paul & Ryan Edwards

We’re 18 year old twin brothers and have been fortunate to be brought up in an area with a wealth of wildlife really close to home, which has fueled our passion for filming and photographing the wild creatures and natural world around us.
We have always been interested in animals and helping to raise farm animals on our neighbors small holding was what first sparked an interest and inquisitiveness for them. Living in the countryside it wasn’t long until our interest in domestic animals grew when we discovered the variety of wildlife that lived around us.
Knowing what we wanted to do since we were young has given us some fantastic experiences and after sending some of our footage into BBC Springwatch we couldn’t believe our luck when the following spring we were asked to be involved in making a film for the programme. Gordon Buchanan’s films, particularly ‘Eagle Island’ and the ‘Wild Scotland’ series had always been a huge inspiration to us, so to spending three days out filming with him and the Springwatch team was incredible and confirmed our aspirations of becoming natural history cameramen.
When filming our aim is to try to capture the character of the animal and to give the viewer a feel for the way of life of the creature we’re filming. The encounters where you feel totally engrossed by the creatures presence I guess are what keep us driven to better our photography.
As well as filming we also try and get out with a digital SLR camera which can be really refreshing, giving us ideas and inspiration for filming. When we’re not out taking photos we’ll be editing, which with photography can seem like a bit of a chore but the creative process of putting a film together after hours spent outdoors is hugely rewarding, seeing it all come together.

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