Otter On Our River!

Out filming Kingfishers at the time, at about midday I saw a moorhen, about ten metres upstream, jump up out of the river onto a branch. I’d heard this was a sign that an otter was about, then I caught a glimpse of something brown…It was an Otter! A huge dog Otter! I followed its distinct bubble trail and watched it  less than 10 metres away swim past- I’d never seen one so close! I knew they we’re on the river because of their prints and scats, but to see one was unbelievable my heart was pumping out my chest.  When he came out the water you could see just how big he was, a beautiful sleek brown colour, silently swimming past.

As he swam down stream out of view, I grabbed my camera and ran about half a mile down stream and rejoined the river hoping to catch another glimpse. As soon as I arrived at the bank of the river, he was there! Seeing his wake as he swam towards me I put my eye to the view finder and focused, there he was! So relaxed as he swam past, only glancing over towards me, before he dived again.

It was all pretty surreal, river otters are famed for being nocturnal so I was surprised to see one out at midday- Any ideas folks?

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