Muck Boots – Derwent and Tay

There are certain bits of outdoor gear you expect to evolve.  Technical all weather jackets, backpacks and walking shoes for example.  But Wellington boots?  What could you possibly do to improve on a pair of wellies?  You might think that a rubber boot is a rubber boot, but get into a pair of Muck Boots and think again.

It took some convincing to get me to change from my old favoured brand of wellington boot, but watching friends and colleagues in the far north of Britain and elsewhere walking – and more importantly, sitting comfortably on the coldest of days, all sporting the distinctive green Muck Boot Tay or Derwent I thought I’d give them a go.  And I (and my feet) haven’t looked back.  Lets get this straight.  These are not designed for mountain climbing, fell running or jogging.  But if you think you are going to be out all day, in all weathers, and are likely to be plodding through wet grass, boggy ground, streams or the strand line, then do your feet a favour, and get into these.

The airmesh uppers ensure a comfortable fit on your calf and breathability (your feet do get sweaty, but not AS sweaty as with an all rubber boot), whilst the well insulated boot gives good ankle and achiles support with just enough flex in the sole for comfortable walking, whilst keeping sharp, uneven ground away from your sensitive foot sole.  The grip on the Tay is a good all rounder too, with plenty of gnarly, stout rubber to lock into rock, turf or virtually any other surface. And oooohhhh, they are soooo cosy!  What more could you want from a welly?

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