Michael Leigh-Mallory

Mikes enthusiasm for the outdoors and the wildlife around him is infectious as many a friend will tell you. There are stories of escapee caterpillars in the bedroom, Puss moth caterpillars chewing up a new wardrobe in the quest to pupate!  Plastering sugar on trees at midnight to attract moths and later being asked to explain what he was doing to the local Police.

Whilst his friends were out on the green playing football Michael was often to be found waist deep in a pond fishing for Newts and Great Diving beetles. The stories are endless. A passion for the outdoors and the natural world had just begun and there would be no going back; he was hooked for life!
Having Studied Biology, Ecology and the Environmental sciences it was only natural to follow his passion for wildlife and the environment so Michael became a wildlife photographer and videographer and over the years has worked on commission ideas and other related media projects.

Most recently Michael worked with the BBC Autumnwatch crew whilst filming on the Isle of Mull in October 2010. He has presented to audiences, has extensive field craft skills and an in depth knowledge of wildlife watching techniques.

Mike is married, has a young daughter called Emily, and lives on the SomersetDevon border.

‘There is nothing more satisfying than capturing images and coming away without the subjects even knowing you had been there’.

More Info about Michael…

Michael runs a business Mull in Focus which offers Wildlife tours and Photographic expeditions based on the Isle of Mull in Scotland and spends part of the year living and working on the island.

Future plans include both filming and photographic projects as well as expanding the Wildlife Tour and photographic expeditions to other locations around the UK.

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