Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Simon says “Lewa has pioneered a style of conservation in East Africa which has proved to be both effective and sustainable. Run as a not for profit organisation, this privately owned reserve is one of the last places on earth where you can see Grevy’s Zebra, Black and White Rhino all drifting across the same plains. I first encountered Lewa when I helped to rear Toki and Sambu, two cheetah brothers who were orphaned further north and brought here with the hope that they might be cared for. I’ve returned as often as possible ever since”.

Simon is closely involved with Lewa via his film projects and is also on the appeals committee.

Ways you can help…

As a privately run, non-profit organisation, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy has become renowned worldwide for its innovative and highly successful conservation strategies.

Lewa’s success relies on the support of communities, businesses and like-minded people.

Without the generosity and vision of our past and present supporters, Lewa would not be what it is today. Without future donor funding Lewa cannot continue to operate.

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