Latest Bushnell Trophy Cam Clips From Somerset

I’ve just returned to Somerset after a few days away and downloaded the clips from a couple of my Bushnell camera traps.  Both had been out for three days, one by the river, the other at the end of one of the meadows which we have just planted with trees.

Before I left, I put a small pile of peanuts in front of the meadow camera, hoping to attract a mammal or two, particularly a badger.

On my return this evening I immediately retrieved the SD cards from the cameras and downloaded the images.  The meadow cam had 153 triggers!  And guess what? Not one badger!! In fact, the vast majority of triggers were caused by a pair of crows that found the nut stash and spent the past few days stocking up.  Can’t blame them really.  But, lovely though crows are, not really what I was hoping for.

On the other hand, the river cam had over 60 triggers, and a bit more variety.

Lovely views of a moorhen


A cock pheasant


Wood pigeon coming down for a drink


And…. what I had been hoping for; An otter! I was surprised that this shot did not feature the otter coming ashore to spraint, but instead, captured it hunting in the shallows.


In the middle of the shot, it comes up for air and is chewing something.  My guess is it is a small crayfish, but I have yet to do a proper survey of the aquatic life on my doorstep, so I can’t be sure.

Nice to know they are still in the neighbourhood though!!

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