Jackson Looseyia

I was born 3rd May 1967 in the Lemek area Narok District of Kenya.

My family have been brought up in the Maasai Mara. All live and work in the mara.

After finishing school, I found a job as tracker and Guide at Rekero homes in the early 1980s, I then trained as a guide in this company for which I have now worked for more than 25 years. During this time I went for training in South Africa for the same profession.
I became one of the first Maasai professional guides in the mara and I am now one of the directors of the business.

The BBC approached me to be one of the presenters of a program known as Big Cat Live for which I was so delighted and honored to be asked.Through this program I have met so many people that I treasure.

I am married and have Five Children.

Alongside my job I work very close to the community helping them to get bursary from guests through our company and myself under Rekero Community Conservation Trust fund. To date we have sponsored as may as 30 pupils through primary school and college.

My strength is guiding people into the Maasai mara and living amongst the most popular cats in the world on a daily basis.

The Maasai Mara in general is my office, my home and my focus and joy.

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