Goodbye 2012….Hello 2013!

Well, what an eventful year 2012 was! I can’t believe how quickly the last twelve months have passed. It’s probably due to spending every waking hour thinking about, talking about and generally obsessing about Wildlife Whisperer and all the amazing opportunities it offers!

Although we launched in January 2011 at the Outdoors Show (Excel, London) Wildlife Whisperer had been in development for several months prior. Our goal, to create a unique global wildlife community that could be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in the natural world. Simon and I had an idea from the beginning just how amazing and fullfilling this project could be but little did we know just how quickly it would capture people’s imagination and how rapidly that community would grow.

Before I continue further I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have joined us on this incredible journey so far. We continue to be inspired, humbled and amused by all of your incredible contributions. The amazing photos entered into our Wildlife Photo Competitions, the interesting and diverse articles and stories submitted for inclusion in our blogs, the comments and feedback via Twitter and Facebook and not forgetting all of the fab photos, videos, discussions and chat on our very own wildlife social networking site We hope you will continue on this journey with us and help us make Wildlife Whisperer the best wildlife community on the web!

So, what do we have planned for 2012? In a word ‘LOTS’! Over the coming days I’ll be sharing more about our plans for the months ahead including new live cams, new products, new videos, new projects and lots lots more!

I plan to be blogging on a daily basis this year so make sure you visit regularly for all the latest news, gossip and info about Wildlife Whisperer, Simon King and the rest of the team, and not forgetting of course, stories, comments, photos and video clips from you guys!

In my next blog post I’ll be sharing with you lots of info about my first major project for 2012 involving the use of several Bushnell motion activated trail cams!

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