Bushnell HD Trail Cam clips from the Masai Mara

I have been in the UK for little more than a week, and now am heading overseas once more, this time to India. And, once again, I am hosting a safari, this time for a couple I know well and admire enormously for their positive attitude and tremendous support of conservation charities.

Just before I head off though I thought I would share some of the video clips captured on my Bushnell HD trailcam whilst I was in Kenya a couple of weeks ago. I decided to set the camera up on the edge of the camps where we were staying in the Masai Mara. The first was in a patch of woodland close to the tents near Musiara, and the second directly in front of my tent in Richard’s Camp.

To be honest with you, the first location was a bit disappointing, the woodland offering some daylight views of baboons and a dik dik, but precious little else.

Richard’s camp on the other hand was rather more fruitful. All of the camera triggers occurred at night, including me returning to my tent after supper and stories around the camp fire. But once I was sleeping, the traffic picked up!


Another Zebra

A hyena (just his back visible)

And, no more than a couple of metres from my tent zipper, a hippo, which stopped to mark his territory in inimitable fashion. Here’s a clip of one of the Zebras.

Later in the week, Richard Roberts positioned the camera on one of the hippo exit trails that lead from the Mara river, and got these super images as the Goliaths all filed out after dusk to head to the grasslands to feed.

I especially like the one that stops to sniff the camera!

I have the Bushnell HD with me now in India – we shall see what secrets of the bush it reveals over the next couple of weeks.

Peace and Light


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