Creatures Of The Night


We’ve been sent a wonderful acrostic poem by Matthew Foster, one of our Young Whisperer Reporters, and an amazing collage to go with it! Matthew wrote the poem and also helped create the collage along with his brother Christopher and sister Charlotte. Well done Matthew, Christopher and Charlotte and thanks…

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Otter Update

A wander along the brook revealed fresh otter signs today. Found lovely footprints from an adult and at least one younger animal in the soft mud and discovered a new sprainting point. This is an area which we have recently cleared of dense vegetation and clearly the otters like the…

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More Views Of Otter Cubs

Another view of my local otter family recorded on the Bushnell HD Trophycam last night (6.3.2012). Mum had left the holt a while earlier (only briefly recorded on the trail cam) and a little later one of the two cubs pops out. The cub obviously gets a whiff of something…

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